Hanna Shanar is a 22 year old medical student with a unique vision for the future. His story and current aspirations are plastered across multiple different media outlets. We’re here to report that Hanna, yet again, is changing the social media game by merging two polar opposites: medicine and hip-hop.

This driven medical student, boasting an already impressive resume, has taken his social media presence one step further by officially committing as the CEO of @rapgroupmanagementon Instagram. Rap Group Management is a multi-million follower network with associations to many underground and currently trending rap and hip-hop artists. With dozens of promotions per month, the network reaches millions of Instagram users across the globe.

Hanna believes the current generation is heavily influenced by social media. Certain actions or habits glorified by mainstream celebrities may not always set the best example for highly impressionable young minds. Hanna plans to leverage his position as overseer of the massive hip-hop network to promote health and positivity. He mentions that “Music artists are some of the most influential public figures in modern society.

If I can use this global music network to tap into the industry that has the most influence over young people, then I would be in an optimal position to promote health, wellness and provide facts about risks involved with drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.”

To keep up with Hanna’s progress, and to support him along his journey, you can follow him on Instagram @hannashanar. His linktree in his bio also includes portals to a variety of different press coverages on Hanna’s journey so far.

Like what you read? More about Hanna is coming soon!